Bibi Graetz Testamatta Bianco Toscana 2019 (Single Bottle) 750ml Sommelier Selected Small Batch & Boutique Wines Delivered To Your Door

Bibi Graetz Testamatta Bianco Toscana 2019 (Single Bottle) 750ml

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Testamatta Bianco 2019 harvest was astonishing, I was really impressed by the high-quality level of the grapes. This wine concentrates all the distinctive aromas of Isola del Giglio: you can recognise the herbal notes, underwood, the mentholated of myrtle, the vibrant minerality of the granite soil, the body and finesse of the Ansonica grape variety balanced with light tannins and smoked oak hints.

Ansonica goes great with all Italian dishes, especially those with full flavours. It also suits with, cheeses and vegetables that are hard to match with like artichokes. It tastes perfect with highly flavoured spicy dishes, and the vegetable-based soups. Mostly dishes that are not overly complicated in flavour and are light in aroma suit it best.

Region: Tuscany, ITALY
Alc: 12.0%
Vintage: 2019
Case: Single Bottle
Size: 750ml

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