S.C. Pannell Adelaide Hills Aromatico 2018

S.C. Pannell Adelaide Hills Aromatico 2018

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A favourite here at Covert! Don't worry about what's in it, just enjoy it for what it is - a delicious glass/bottle of wine. Aromatico is a blend of Adelaide Hills Gewürztraminer, Riesling and Pinot Gris. The name is taken from one of the many synonyms for the Gewürztraminer grape. This pinkish-grey grape is believed to originate in the Alto Adige area of Northern Italy near the town of Tramin, where it is known as Traminer Aromatico
  • Hand harvested, blended as a juice, and co-fermented to enhance the marriage of the three varieties.

    For a long time, Steve has wanted to make a Gewürztraminer-based wine because of its unrivalled aromatic qualities – orange blossom, lychee and rose. Traminer Aromatico is a low acid white variety, so it’s blended with Riesling and Pinot Gris to create a flavoursome wine with a balanced natural acidity, and mouth-filling sweetness on the finish. A reverse-engineered wine that suits how we live and what we eat, especially spicy Asian food!

    Vintage: 2018
    Variety: 64% Gewürztraminer, 33% Riesling, 3% Pinot Gris
    Region: Adelaide Hills, SA
    Alcohol: 12.5%
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