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Sheep in Wolf's Clothing Low Alcohol (5%) Pinto Grigio 2020 (6 Bottles)

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The Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing is a wine designed for consumers searching for that pleasurable wine experience but wanting to moderate their alcohol intake. It’s not just easy on the palate, it’s easy on the waistline too. The Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing is a brand-new low alcohol wine that promises more flavour but less calories. Sheep in Wolfs Clothing offers all the enjoyment of wine but contains 60% less alcohol and calories than most standard table wines as well as being delicious and refreshing.

Sourced from established vineyards of the rich soils of the border of Victoria and South Australia. The vines are mostly dry-grown and utilise expert canopy management to help to control ripening and vigour.

Healthy and problem free fruit is selected in the vineyard and then picked in the cool of the night and then rushed to the nearby winery for a fast and focused vinification. Fermentation is cool in a closed static fermenter before a short maturation on lees and bottling.

Vintage 2020:
2020 had its challenges with a dry start and only a small portion of rain and with much of the country suffering drought conditions. The warm dry spell continued in December with some extreme hot temperature days recorded. It was a late ripening year and yields were down but despite the challenges it was another excellent vintage across South Australia.

Tasting Note:
Nicely opaque in the glass. Varietal Pinot Grigio nose of pear, apple and citrus with hints of freshly cut herbs. The palate is fresh and vibrant with citrus fruit flavours and a gentle grip. It finishes, crisp and dry with a clean and pure line of acidity.

Region: South Eastern Australia

Alcohol: 5%

Vintage: 2020

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