Cat in a space suit?

Cat in a space suit?

Félicette Grenache Rosé 2018
It is often said that more people have travelled to space than there are Masters of Wine (MW), and while that may be very true, there are many more MW's than there are cosmic cats. In a uniquely Gallic surge of innovation, 1963 witnessed France entering the feline space race via a cat named Félicette. Now immortalised on a wine that pays homage to those that think outside the box, Felicette is for all those who dream to be a little different. 

So there you go, that's what a cat in a space suit has to do with a delicious French Rosé!

Tasting Note
Classic pale, dry French rosé with flavours and aroma's of strawberry, raspberry and grapefuit with a touch of savoury, herbal spice too. Lovely stuff!

Love the labels. Good crunch and energy here, a sort of stony feel in with red fruits, pear and a musk perfume. Finishes dry, a slightly sharp herb-accented flavour, but with good length. Tangerine too. Nice one.
- Wine Front
RRP $24.99/bottle

Covert Price $19.99/bottle

in 6-packs

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