What is Covert Wine Co.

Covert Wine Co. is a Sydney based online wine store offering artisanal wine hand-selected by an experienced Sommelier. We stray from the mainstream to offer wines from varietals, producers, regions and wineries you may not have heard of.

Every wine on the site has been personally tried and tested by Adam, our in-house Sommelier/Chief Wine Spy who has over 16 years experience as a Sommelier in some of Australia's top restaurants (Wildfire, Tyler’s Pantry, Vardis Venues (Kingley’s Australian Steakhouse, Steerson’s Steakhouse, Vessel Italian), Benchmark Wine Bar).

We take the time to taste every wine so you know that each bottle is interesting, different and delicious.

In addition to the above, we are also here to assist with all your wine related wants and needs like personalised cellars, events, weddings, special bottles like birth year wines etc. Anything really. If it's available in Australia, we'll do our best to get it for you. Simply send us an email - wine@covertwineco.com

Thanks for checking us out and we hope you enjoy the Covert Wine Co. experience.