Meet the team

Meet the Covert Wine Co. team

Meet Adam and Lauren Miller - the husband and wife team behind Covert Wine Co.

After a career in Althetics during his early twenties and representing our country at Olympic and Commonwealth levels, Adam turned his passion for wine into a very successful career.

Adam’s experience extends over 16 years. He began his career working at Benchmark Wine Bar in Canberra as Head Sommelier, and afterwards made the move to Sydney where he would become Executive Sommelier at Sydney institution, Wildfire Restaurant.

Adam then transitioned into the Group Beverage Manager fole for the Vardis Group (Kingsley’s, Steerson’s steakhouse and Vessel Italian). Adam has since worked for online wine businesses as Senior Wine Buyer and General Manager.

Lauren’s background was in Publishing and Fashion PR. She began her career at ACP working on Cleo and Shop til you drop magazines and then made the move to Fashion PR where she worked on some amazing brands such as Country Road, Puma, Levis, Bonds and Tigerlily to name a few.

Lauren, having taken some time off to raise their three wild boys (aged 6, 4 and 2), and after many conversations about starting their own business, Covert Wine Co. - their fourth child, was born. With Adams extensive experience in the wine industry and Lauren’s PR background, they figured they could be onto something pretty exciting.

“We noticed a real gap in the market for delicious, well priced, ready to drink wines” says Adam. “Many websites around offer cheap wines and that’s reflected in the price. We’ve always been about having quality wines at good prices and I had the access and the contacts within the industry to be able to do that. All of our wines are put through their paces. They are all tasted and to be honest, only about 10% of the wines we taste actually make it into our mixed cases and onto our website.”

“Initially, Covert was meant to be a members only website but since our conception, we have evolved, thanks mainly to our loyal customers and following, into a business that creates monthly and seasonal mixed cases and gift hampers, which can also be fully customised for corporate clients. We are very excited to launch our subscription service in the near future as well.”