Frederick Stevenson Riesling 2023 (12 bottles)

Frederick Stevenson Riesling 2023 (12 bottles)

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Similar to previous years with lemon, curd, hay, brown lime cordial, lime leaf, bees wax, but a bit of an increase in wet river pebble...and in tune with the others within this release, there’s a bit more of a salivating feeling on the finish, kind of like the same feeling post lemon gelati. The palate is a touch lighter in feel, but still has volume upfront and a touch of gingery phenolics on the close.

Enjoy this wine with pork, shellfish, poultry, appetizers, snacks and cured meats.

Region: Clare Valley, S.A.
Alc: 10.5%
Vintage: 2023
Case: 12 Bottles
Size: 750ml

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