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Castelo do Mar Rias Baixas Albarino 2020 (6 bottles)

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Intense fruit aromas of pear, apple and peach are the ideal enticement with this stylish Spanish number. It's beautifully balanced and full of fresh, fleshy stonefruit textures alongside a crisp, zesty finish. White wine made entirely with albariño grape variety from our estate of 18 hectares in Tea County, within the denomination of origin Rias Baixas.

The driving of the trellis vines allows that the grapes are fully ventilated and sunny. The ideal characteristics of granitic terrain avoided much of the pesticide treatments and provide low acidity musts naturally. Thanks to this we eliminate the malolactic fermentation of wine and its delicate varietal aroma and fresh flavor characteristic is respected.

Varietal: Albariño
Region: Rias Biaxias, Spain
ABV: 12.5%

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