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Charlotte Dalton Boy Girl Soup Graciano 2022 (12 bottles)

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Graciano a Spanish variety grown in the beautiful Langhorne Creek. A variety I have never made and chose to watch and learn from as it went through its twists and turns in the winery, rather then contort into a style. This wine changed its guise many times through its life maturing in oak barrel hence the name Boy Girl Soup.

Graciano is often paired with rich, hearty dishes such as beef or lamb stew, Moroccan tagine, or pork Osso Bucco. It is also a great match for strong cheeses such as blue cheese or gorgonzola. Whether you're serving roast beef, grilled chicken, or a vegetarian dish, Graciano is a wine that will complement it nicely.

Region: Langhorne Creek, S.A.
Alc: 14.1%
Vintage: 2022
Case: 12 Bottles
Size: 750ml

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