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Montevecchio Moscato 2019 (12 bottles)

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Montevecchio Moscato is made from 100% moscato giallo, a superior moscato selection imported by Chalmers from northern Italy.

Montevecchio wines are all about simplicity and fun, but never boring. Grown at our Heathcote vineyard in central Victoria, which is home to over 20 different Italian grape varieties, the name means old mountain referring to the Cambrian origins of the regions famous red soils.

This attractive refreshing, light and fruity wine has just a hint of spritz, allowing the bright sherbet, elderflower and honeysuckle flavours of the moscato giallo grape to take centre stage. It balances sweetness, acidity and alcohol perfectly in a style reminiscent of the great wines of Asti.

Vintage: 2019
Varietal: Moscato Giallo 100%
Appellation: Heathcote, VIC
Alcohol: 12.5%

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